The holiday season is my favorite time of the year! I love all of it, the decorations, the baking, the crafting, the carols. It all makes me joyful, but it sure brings it’s own chaos and stress. If we are not mindful, we could lose ourselves in the creation of magic, and forget that we still believe. We have 6 ideas for self-care that will help keep us on track. These are for all of us who are the caretakers of the joy in our homes and family. We can and should enjoy all of the magic this holiday season brings!

Wrap the Night Away

I love to wrap gifts! But only if I can do it MY way…by the light of my Christmas tree with a holiday movie on and a warm cup of tea or cocoa within reach. It’s really one of my favorite holiday tasks. Try it. Put your family to bed, or send them off to the Christmas Tree Farm for a few hours. Grab your favorite beverage, maybe a glass of Merlot, and a snack. Put on a movie that grabs you and wrap, wrap, wrap the night away. I promise you will change your mind about this task and it will become cherished ‘me’ time!

Splurge on Yourself

This is not the season to be denying yourself the little pleasures in life. For me, that’s a black iced tea with brown sugar syrup, almond milk, and a splash of sweet cream! Get that fancy coffee or treat that you crave, but do it when the spouse and kids are not with you. It’s our little secret.

Say it with Me: NO

It is within our nature to want to do ALL the things at Christmastime. I know I do. I love all of the holiday things: the parades, the tree farm, the lights, the sing-a-longs, the parties! But, I also love sitting alone in my dark living room with only the Christmas lights going, a roaring fire in the fireplace, and a warm drink in my hand. Leave time to just exist in the moment for yourself and your family. It’s truly ok to say no.


This is my favorite! And, crafting new and more decorations. Seriously, I love my trees and all things Christmas. Knock yourself out! It’s only for a month (or two). Whether you love to see ornaments and baubles on every surface or like the look of something more formal and sleek, do it in your style and have fun!

Stop and Smell the Magic

We get so wrapped up in creating magical, joyous memories for our families that we lose sight of ourselves. Guess what? Your family will love experiencing YOU enjoying the holiday with them and they’ll remember mom (or whoever their adults are) having fun building the snowman with them or laughing at the giant pile of sprinkles on that single cookie. It’s the moments, the little moments, that make the magic.


This is a big one. Hand out tasks to your family. Seriously, resist the urge to do everything. It’s a hard job to make magical holidays happen. Get your big kids to take over Elf duty. Your spouse can be in charge of planning the Holiday cards this year. Hire someone to hang the outside lights. And, of course, book one of our cleaning techs to come and give your house a good clean, even if it’s just the kitchen and bathrooms! You’ll be surprised how much that will energize you.

My wish is that you find something from this text or somewhere else that helps you slow down and have a magical holiday for yourself as well as your loved ones.

Happy Holidays from the entire Green Country Clean Team crew!!